Center for Responsible AI (DPSS) (CRAI-DPSS)

Type: National Project Project

Duration: from 2023 Jan 01 to 2025 Dec 31

Financed by: IAPMEI

Prime Contractor: C - Unbabel (Company) - Lisboa, Portugal

The project focuses on the creation of the Center for Responsible AI in Portugal, which in turn aims to create the next generation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) products. To this end, the Center will be formed by a group of renowned startups in a partnership never seen before, which will be joined by smaller startups, for which the Consortium will act as a driving force capable of raising them to future unicorns.
The Consortium will also have the main AI R&D centers in Portugal, generating a critical mass of knowledge and talent in Responsible AI technologies that will position the country at the forefront of this field.


  • C - Unbabel (Company) - Lisboa, Portugal
  • R - INESC-ID Lisboa (Other) - Lisboa, Portugal

Principal Investigators