Performance Improvements to CosmWasm Execution Model (ParallelCosmWasm)

Type: Contract Project

Duration: from 2023 May 12 to 2024 May 11

Financed by: Composable Finance Ltd.

Prime Contractor: R - INESC-ID Lisboa (Other) - Lisboa, Portugal

Project Web Site:

CosmWasm is a smart contract platform focusing on security, performance, and interoperability.
It is the only smart contracting platform for public blockchains with heavy adoption outside of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) world.
Currently, there are dozens of teams building projects using Cosmwasm, with an expected
growth to hundreds based on participation in bootcamps and courses within the space.
The technology itself improves on the EVM in a number of ways while avoiding many security pitfalls such as reentrancy attacks.
However, the current implementation uses a sequential execution model which substantially hinders system performance.
The goal of this project is to start a research collaboration between Composable Finance and INESC-ID with the aim of improving CosmWasm execution model.
In particular, the current project proposal is focused on the following objectives:
- Study the current specification/implementation of Cosmwam execution model
- Produce a specification for a parallel Cosmwasm execution model
- Build a proof of concept of the proposed execution model

Principal Investigators