An Optimization and Co-Design Framework for Sparse Computation (SPARCITY)

Type: International Project Project

Duration: from 2021 Apr 01 to 2024 Mar 04

Financed by: EC/FCT

Prime Contractor: U - Koç University (University) - Turkey

Project Web Site:

SparCity is an ambitious but pragmatic project that will deliver a coherent collection of innovative algorithms and tools for enabling both performance and energy efficiency of sparse computations on emerging hardware platforms, with the application focus on computational science, deep learning and data analytics. For major scientific innovations, data that needs to be processed, managed, and analyzed is increasingly immense, distributed, and unstructured. Furthermore, a large fraction of this data is sparse. Such sparse data is typically modeled as a graph, hypergraph, sparse matrix or a sparse tensor. Computations on these data structures are already notoriously difficult for existing HPC systems to achieve good efficiency, but the rapidly evolving hardware landscape will make the challenge even more pronounced. The consortium of SparciTY includes not only universities and research institutes, but also one of the most innovative semiconductor companies in the field of European low power processing technologies for machine learning. Overall, SparCity is a forward-looking project with a significant contribution to building Europe’s strengths in the application of HPC and related software tools, in the adoption of low energy processing technologies, and in the development of advanced software and services for its citizens.


  • Graphcore AS (Other) - Norway
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen (University) -Germany
  • Simula Research Laboratory AS (Company) - Norway
  • U - Koç University (University) - Turkey
  • U - Sabancı University (University) - Turkey

Principal Investigators