Analysis of CTT's Geographic Information in 2020: Challenges and Opportunities (ASI-GeoData-CTT)

Type: Contract Project

Duration: from 2019 Dec 15 to 2020 Dec 31

Financed by: CTT

Prime Contractor: CTT (Company)

Analysis of the current situation to optimize the management and maintenance of CTT's geographic information and its valorization in products of interest to third parties (e.g., identification and discussion of To-Be scenarios). The work shall focus on the analysis of the following aspects: (1) Geographic infrastructure of the postal code and postal addresses (SIGPostal); (2) Process for maintaining geographic information, CTT's National Address database; (3) Portfolio of products and services based on CTT geographic data; (4) Integration of the geographic component in the organizational structure of CTT; and (5) Adequacy of the software used and associated licensing agreements


  • CTT (Company)

Principal Investigators