Information Systems Architecture of the Municipality of Lisbon's Urban Hygiene Area, Scenario As-Is (ASI-CML-DMHU)

Type: Contract Project

Duration: from 2019 Dec 23 to 2020 Oct 12

Financed by: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Prime Contractor: R - INESC-ID Lisboa (Other) - Lisboa, Portugal

The Municipality of Lisboa has identified a set of problems and opportunities that justify the definition of a strategic plan for its information systems. This plan shall identify the current situation (scenario As-Is) and also propose the future situation to be implemented in the medium term (Scenario To-Be). The current limitations are an opportunity to review the entire set of systems that involves the management of circuits, scales and others, as well as to point out measures at the level of deposition systems, removal fleet, human resources and management tools, namely procedures, databases, and IT infrastructures. The scope of this project is focused on the definition of the Information Systems Architecture of the DMHU/CMLisbon, in its current situation, i.e., according the As-Is scenario.

Principal Investigators