Energy Transition

The practice of research and the experience in applying its results to the development of new technologies, enables us to predict what will be possible in the near future and how it can be achieved. Perhaps more importantly, this knowledge allows us to distinguish between tangible and elusive goals—a critical aspect of decision-making in times of very noisy information, which is typical of transitional periods.

Strategic Coordination:

At INESC-ID, we collaborate closely with industry, providing direct value to utilities, manufacturers, and service providers in areas ranging from regulation and network planning to technology development and systems integration.

For the first time, we have evaluated the entire Portuguese grid’s reliability and used the high-resolution reliability data to set limits for improving the continuity of service at reasonable investment levels. We have recently proposed new network planning methodologies, now followed by Portuguese utilities, to value flexibility services, along with the corresponding bidding mechanisms to ensure that flexibility is competitive with traditional investment, thus guaranteeing a sustainable evolution of the grid. We have modelled the behaviour and service capabilities of electric vehicles, batteries, buildings, and energy communities, and are committed to advancing distributed optimal control and energy management solutions for both AC and DC microgrids, designing high-efficiency converters and smart transformers to make such grids reliable and secure.

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