Life and Health Technology

INESC-ID’s capacity in Life and Health Technology ranges over a broad spectrum of applications and methodologies, covering the most significant areas in R&I, from artificial intelligence to dynamic systems. The impact of our activities in this field is testified by the numerous projects, patents and papers that resulted from decades of R&D, including three spin-off companies, as well as lasting cooperation with a long list of hospitals, and medical research institutions.

Strategic Coordination:

We gather exceptional expertise on theoretical and computational methods relevant to the health domain, such as optimization, artificial intelligence and machine learning, operational research, dynamic systems and control. The institution also has strong capacity on communication systems and security, iterative intelligent systems for visualization, multimodal interfaces,signal processing, and human language technologies for health.

This range of competences corresponds to comprehensive areas of application, which include medical decision support systems, namely for treatment planning and optimization in radiotherapy, anesthesia, and rehabilitation, image analysis and classification for enhanced diagnosis, biomedical data analysis and health analytics, signal processing, microelectronics for healthcare, and analysis of genetic data.

INESC-ID develops its activities in this area in cooperation with a number of hospitals, including IPO Lisbon, Hospital de Santa Maria, Hospital Beatriz Angelo, Hospital Garcia de Orta and Hospital da Luz. Close cooperation also exists with research laboratories in the life-sciences area, including Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Champalimaud Foundation, Instituto Gulbenkian da Ciência, Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica and Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr. Ricardo Jorge. International collaboration includes many universities and research centers, among them Heidelberg, Cambridge, ETH Zurich, Texas MD Anderson, Karolinska, Munich, CMU, INRIA, and EMBL.

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