Societal Digital Transformation

Societal Digital Transformation delves into the disruptive and transformative adoption of digital tools and methods. This phenomenon redefines how organisations function (supporting core activities) and how individuals participate as informed consumers, effective agents, and responsible citizens.

A central challenge lies in managing information across its lifecycle within intricate socio-technical systems. A holistic perspective is paramount, propelling multi-disciplinary research to unlock the full potential of this transformation.

Strategic Coordination:

At INESC-ID, we are passionate about driving societal progress through digital transformation. We leverage our expertise in various fields, including data science, business process management, process mining, digital libraries and archives, human-computer interaction, information security, graph theory, game theory, computer games, and virtual agents and societies to develop solutions that empower informed decision-making and promote positive social change.

Our research delves into the complexities of formal organisations, informal groups, individuals navigating the digital world, and the foundations of the technology supporting all that. For example, we are particularly proud, among others, of our contributions to Portuguese language processing, fostering information access and inclusivity in an increasingly multilingual society.

With a proven track record of extracting knowledge from data and fostering user-friendly interactions, INESC-ID stands committed to applying and advancing its knowledge for a better future. We believe in the transformative power of technology and strive to use it responsibly, shaping a more informed, inclusive, and prosperous society.

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