Sustainable Energy Systems


To contribute with innovative research on an international level on the generation, transmission, control, storage and use of electrical energy at intelligent technical performance and reduced environment impact to ensure quality and sustainability.


To maintain Sustainable Energy Systems of INESC-ID as a pole of excellence, combining Electrical Engineering and Computer Science:

- To promote research in the Renewable Energy sources and Electromechanical Energy Conversion; 

- To develop concepts and theories for modelling, monitoring, supervision and intelligent control of industrial processes and to demonstrate them via pilot applications and laboratory experiments;

- To develop new advanced power electronic converters and intelligent controllers for Electrical Energy Storage , Power Quality, smart grids, DC grids, Pulsed Power and scientific applications of electrical energy;

- To research in advanced concepts and technology development towards power systems industry applications to tackle the emerging engineering challenges related to planning, operation, and regulation of power systems. Special emphasis is given to the challenges related to renewables integration, flexible operation, and future regulation under the smart grid paradigm.

Action Line Coordinator

José Fernando Alves da Silva


Alternative Energies and Electromechanical Energy Conversion

Control of Dynamical Systems

Power Electronics and Power Quality

Power Systems and Energy Policy