Lisbon Academy of Sciences promoted another  Tardes na Academia, on March 26th, at 5pm.

On this IV Session,  INESC-ID Researcher Francisco C. Santos  invites  Ana Paiva, also researcher at INESC-ID,  for an afternoon on: “Artificial Intelligence, Cooperation and Social Robotics”.

This initiative aims to engage distinct generations of scientists and researchers, in the various fields of science and knowledge represented in the SJC (Seminário de Jovens Cientistas).

The SJC is integrated in the Institute of Advanced Studies of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences and seeks to maintain the link between the Academy and the younger members of the scientific community, as is happening in other European countries. The trans-disciplinary nature of the JCC allows to address the most relevant issues for society, producing tools that can be used by science policy makers and promoting the sharing of knowledge and knowledge with society in general.