Professor Arlindo Oliveira is presenting his new book — Ciência, Tecnologia e Sociedade (Science, Technology and Society) — on 26 June 2023, 6:30pm at El Corte Inglés. Professor Oliveira is President of INESC, Distinguished Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico as well as a researcher at INESC-ID.

Come and join the discussion!

Translated synopsis:

For hundreds of thousands of years, technological evolution was so slow that the future looked essentially similar to the past. The Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution changed this state of affairs, opening the door to ever more frequent scientific and technological developments. Today, no one expects the future to look like the past. New technologies, new challenges, new possibilities and new threats appear almost daily, profoundly transforming society and the way we live.

In this “Science, Technology and Society”, professor and columnist Arlindo Oliveira addresses topics as diverse as energy, the environment, astrophysics, computing, the metaverse and artificial intelligence, with a focus on the impacts that technological changes will have on our society and its consequences for the future of humanity.

Those who are curious about what’s to come (and who isn’t?) will find here a wealth of information that will help them navigate the increasingly complex technological society in which we live.