On January 18th, INESC-ID welcomed Dra. Leonor Beleza (Champalimaud Foundation President), Dr. João Silveira Botelho, (Champalimaud Foundation Vice – President), Dr. Nickolas Papanikolaou ( Head of the Computational Clinical Imaging Group at the Champalimaud Foundation), Dr. José Cruz (Digital Projects Coordinator) and Dr. Pedro Garcia da Silva (Scientific Coordinator) The Champalimaud Foundation is a private biomedical research foundation, particularly in the areas of cancer and neurosciences.

During the exploratory visit, researchers from the Visualization and Intelligent MultiModal Interfaces (VIMMI) group showcased several prototypes related to 3D medical image interaction. The exploratory visit started with a presentation of the institution made by Jorge Fernandes, Director of INESC-ID, followed by a networking meeting for members of both institutions to get acquainted and familiar with ongoing projects related to immersive radiodiagnostics and surgical navigation. Finally, the visit concluded with live demonstrations introduced by Professor Joaquim Jorge and conducted by VIMMI researchers.

Members from the Champalimaud Foundation had the opportunity to try-out contactless interfaces, interactive surfaces, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality prototypes for interacting with 3D medical content. Besides learning more about the work developed at VIMMI, members of the Champalimaud Foundation considered that such prototypes are relevant and spotted clinical potential for different radiologic and surgical scenarios.