Diogo Nunes has been awarded the “Best Clinical Scientific Article” Prize by Associação Portuguesa para o Estudo da Dor (the Portuguese Association for the Study of Pain).

An Early Stage Researcher at the Human Language Technologies Research Area, Nunes was awarded his best paper prize at the 2022 Encontro Nacional das Unidades de Dor, a national meeting organized by the Portuguese Association for the Study of Pain that took place on 22 October 2022 in Aveiro. Nunes’ award-winning paper Analysis of chronic pain descriptions for base-pathology prediction: the case of rheumatoid arthritis versus spondylitis pathology prediction based on pain descriptions was published in Revista Dor.

On being awarded the prize, Nunes commented that “Our mission is to study the verbal expression of pain and to take advantage of that knowledge in order to help those that suffer from chronic pain. I am very happy with this award, because it is an important recognition of the clinical valence of the work we have been doing and of the impact it can have.”