We are glad to be able to participate in another edition of European Researchers’ Night.

This year, for the first time, the conference will be held virtually, bringing together more than 200 activities, such as games, quizzes, applications, videos, live demonstrations, talks, etc.

INESC-ID’s researchers have prepared 5 activities to present on November 27, at European Researchers’ Night: 3 videos from different projects, a special interactive quiz, and a live demonstration:

  • Do you know how a satellite sees Earth? – Quiz to explore satellite imagery;
  • Emotional and Intelligent Agents for Testing Games and Simulations – interactive video where you find out how Frederico, an emotional and intelligent agent, feels as he tries to find a chair in different mazes;
  • Video presentation of the project Visual meets Textual: A Hybrid Programming Environment for Algorithmic Design;
  • Music Creation from Found Sounds – An Approach from Computational Creativity – video presentation of a system that creates electroacoustic music inspired by environments sounds / occasional sounds;
  • Simulating plasma physics with Exascale supercomputers – live demonstration to watch the ‘dance of plasmas with the help of supercomputers‘.

Join us!

All the information is available at European Researchers’ Night website.

Find the full programme here.