Girls in AI, a new video series of young talent in Artificial Intelligence, has been launched and is now fully online.

Isabel Trancoso INESC-ID researcher in the Human Language Technologies Research Area and Full Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) has, together with IST, spearheaded this series which “aims to share the paths of former and current Técnico students who followed a career in Artificial Intelligence (AI), showing the endless career opportunities in this area and inspiring more girls to follow them.”

On a recent piece for iOnline (published in Portuguese), Professor Trancoso wrote that “At Instituto Superior Técnico, as in many other schools around the world, there are exceptional theses in the most varied areas of AI, both male and female, both for doctoral and master’s degrees. And the women trained in this area are leading the way in many companies in the country and around the world. It is time to publicize the paths of our “stars”, so that they can illustrate the thousand and one opportunities in the areas of AI and inspire more to follow them.”