These past few months, INESC-ID startup company HeartGenetics had the great opportunity to present their newest products around Brazil.

HeartGenetics team provided a training course about MyNutriGenes® and MyFitnessGenes® products to a group of 20 nutritionists in Natal, Brazil, in a collaboration with two local partners: the company Personal Genoma and the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). With this event HeartGenetics had the opportunity to increase its market share in the region being HeartGenetics tests already a reference in Natal.

HeartGenetics promotion in Brazil also included the participation at the event “Nutrição Eficiente” in Campinas, São Paulo.

The participation in this event was the main goal of this Brazilian market approach. In this event HeartGenetics presented both MyNutriGenes® and MyFitnessGenes® products to more than 2.500 healthcare professionals and it was possible to close sales with 100 new clients.

MyNutriGenes® is a 99% accurate and actionable genetic test from HeartGenetics that informs about how our unique genetic makeup impacts the definition of a personalized diet and a healthy weight management.

MyFitnessGenes® is an actionable genetic test that informs about how each individual’s unique genetic profile impacts the definition of a more personalized training program in order to achieve an optimized athletic performance.

These products are also available in Portugal and are accessible to all population through different partnerships.