The 2022 INESC-ID Annual Meeting took place yesterday, 12 September 2022, in the beautiful and inspiring setting of Sociedade Portuguesa de Geografia — a not coincidental space that has witnessed many a discussion of exploration and discovery.

During a day packed full of activities, INESC-ID researchers reviewed and discussed the inner workings of the institute, all the great things that have been accomplished and many of the exciting projects about to start and soon to come across the multitudinous Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering scopes of the institute.

Reviews of the institute’s main achievements by the Board of Directors and the Board of the Scientific Council, a round-table on the research work carried out under the four INESC-ID Thematic Lines, a session on the work of the support offices and a discussion on the INESC system were complemented by an extraordinary talk by this year’s invited speaker: Mónica Bettencourt-Dias, the Director of Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência. In her talk “Best practices at IGC” Bettencourt-Dias shared invaluable insight into the IGC’s modus operandi and values, its ethos and the multitude of programs that stimulate its great science and the world-renowned scientific training of its researchers.

Such a great day of sharing ideas and research, and such a great year of exciting technology!