Researchers from INESC-ID have recently been successful through the participation in four European competitive projects: Olissipo leaded by Susana Vinga, BIG co-leaded by Rodrigo Rodrigues, TAILOR and HumainE-AI-Net with the participation of Ana Paiva.

Olissipo is a twinning action, meaning that stands for institutional networking to strengthen a specific field of research. In Olissipo “Fostering Computational Biology Research and Innovation in Lisbon” the goal is to enhance the INESC-ID competences in the field of Computational Biology and developing it into an international pole of excellence. Susana Vinga is the principal researcher involved in this special widening action.

BIG is an ERA Chair “Blockchain technologies and design Innovation for social Good” that aims the full potential of interdisciplinary research of Instituto Superior Técnico, while strengthening innovation and knowledge transfer activities with local and global industrial partners, contributing to the smart specialization strategy of the Lisbon region in stimulating the upcoming ecosystem of digital startups and their economic impact. Rodrigo Rodrigues and Nuno Nunes are the leading researchers of BIG. This project is a collaboration with the Interactive Technologies Institute ( ITI/ LARSyS).

TAILOR “Network of research centres for foundations of trustworthy AI” will create a network of research excellence centres on the foundations of trustworthy AI to meet the grand challenges in health, mobility and resource management. And finally, HumanE-AI-Net “Research on AI system that enhance human intelligence” aims to develop the scientific foundations and technological breakthroughs needed to build Artificial Intelligence systems that enhance human intelligence rather that replacing it. Ana Paiva participates in both TAILOR and HumanE-AI-Net.

These new projects will enhance contributions to both the scientific community through OLISSIPO and BIG, but also the social concerns around Artificial Intelligence, which is the focus of both research projects TAILOR and HumanE-AI-Net, through the participation of its researchers.