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Luis M. Correia was born in 1958, in Portimão, Portugal. He is an INESC-ID Researcher since 2016, integrating the Scientific Area Communication Networks (CN).


How did you get to INESC-ID?

It was an R&D centre that fulfilled my expectations.



an institution that excels in research, development and innovation activities, and that takes the lead in a number of technological areas, enabling its members to develop their work and creativity.


Research project(s) under development

Wireless Communications in Body Area Networks


How would you explain in the most accessible and least technical language possible, what is the application / expected results of this (these) project (s)?

It is the natural extension to a more personal use of the communications that are currently being done with the mobile phone and already other existing wearables.


Tell us about your favorite project so far (or one of them)?

4WARD (an EC project that launched the basis for many of the 5G features, in 2008).


What are the biggest challenges of working in research in this area?

The diversity of aspects to take into consideration is so large, that it’s a real challenge to have a detailed view of the global system.

What book are you currently reading?

Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries

How would you explain to your child (or your parents or grandparents) what your job is? How do you explain what means to be a researcher in this area?

To look for new technologies for people to communicate and make their live easier and more comfortable.


How do you see the mission of INESC-ID “ to produce added value to people and society, supporting the response of public policies to scientific, health, environmental, cultural, social, economic and political challenges, in the fields of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering”?

It’s an excellent one for an R&D centre working in the technology area.





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Academic Degree



Training / Research Area

Wireless Communications


INESC-ID Scientific Area

Communication Networks (CN)