Maria Inês Conceição has won first place at SIRESP Desafio Inovação 2023 (SIRESP Innovation Challenge 2023).

Maria Inês was awarded for her project “Lightweight indoor environment mapping using micro aerial vehicles (MAVS)” at the second edition of the SIRESP Tech Days, on 02 June 2023. A PhD student in electrical and computer engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico and the Intelligent Networks and Communications Systems (INCS) research area at INESC-ID, Maria Inês reported that “It was a great experience! It allowed me to present my project and get to know other very interesting projects developed in this area.”

Part of the activities of SIRESP, S.A. in promoting innovation in the field of new communication technologies, training and skills enhancement, SIRESP Desafio Inovação “meets the training objectives of Higher Education students and is seen as an added value to stimulate the development of ideas, particularly in the new generations, promoting national engineering and the development of innovative technological solutions in the context of the SIRESP network.” “The exchange of ideas, perspectives and opinions regarding the projects presented, and their possible future developments, was very interesting,” Maria Inês commented, “[as well as] important for the continuation of my work.”

The SIRESP network is the Portuguese State’s exclusive communications network for command, control and coordination of communications in all emergency and security situations.