INESC-ID researcher Miguel Won has been featured in the Portuguese newspapers Expresso and Público.

In the opinion piece Dar gás a Ventura e tirá-lo de Putin (written by the Universidade do Minho economics professor Luís Aguiar-Correia) and the feature Quanto mais se diz mal de Ventura no Twitter, mais seguidores ele tem (authored by the journalist Maria Lopes), the online promotion of right-wing parties that Miguel Won and Jorge M. Fernandes (ICS-ULisboa) examined in an as-of-yet unpublished study steals the limelight.

In The Unintended Consequences of Speaking Out Against the Radical Right, Won and Fernandes looked at 300 Twitter accounts owned by politicians, opinion makers and journalists, showing that the conversation around right-wing parties is many times maximized by the critical and polemical discourses of their opponents — i.e., as Luís Aguiar-Correia comments, stirring the pot only potentiates “the recruitment of supporters [which is then essentially] done by their enemies”.

Check out the two pieces for more details.