Graphics & Interaction

Graphics & Interaction encompasses interactive computer graphics and human-centered computing applied to Health, Social Inclusion, Education, Architecture, CAD (Design), and Manufacturing. Our interdisciplinary research combines computer science, computer graphics, HCI, behavioral & social sciences to address real-world challenges.

We focus on Interactive Visual Computing from photorealistic and high-performance rendering to the actual display of information (SciVis and InfoVis). However, the user must be able to interact effectively and efficiently with what is on display. Consequently we also cover HCI including both traditional (sound, speech, vision) and novel (BCI, full body posture) modalities.

Our research topics span deep graphics, medical interfaces, information visualization, education gamification, accessibility & social inclusion, and algorithmic design, analysis, and optimization for architecture, engineering, and construction.

Research Area Coordinator: João António Madeiras Pereira

Advanced Visualization

Physically-based Rendering for Architecture

Multimodal Interfaces for XR

Accessibility & Social Inclusion

Deep Graphics

Gamification of Education

Medical Interfaces

Algorithmic Design, Analysis, and Optimization

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