Sustainable Power Systems

Power systems are in a process of unprecedented transformation: demand control, many small supply units, renewable energy, and new electrification. Grid infrastructure must meet this transformation: a new operation and new planning are needed to guarantee a sustainable system development.

The new response from the grid will be at the lower voltage levels: for operation and planning, the complexity will increase as the grid dimensionality explodes and uncertainty rises. At INESC-ID we do research in this new complexity and develop new control, operational and planning concepts and approaches to deal with that power system transformation.

Research Area Coordinator: Luís Marcelino Ferreira


Distributed Optimal Control for Cyber-Physical Systems Applications

This project considers networked Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) in which it is assumed that there is no central coordinator. Each agent is provided with a local coordinating algorithm that negotiates with its neighbours the value of the manipulated variables to apply to the plant to ensure stability as well as performance specifications. The objective of this project consists in the development, analysis, and demonstration in case studies, including smart grids, of methods to design controllers for networked CPS based on optimal control.

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Energy Authority

INESC-ID has contributed to the National Energy Services Regulatory Authority with a probabilistic methodology to determine the expected values of the continuity of service that are explainable by structural limitations of the distribution grid. Results were obtained for each and every medium voltage power delivery point in Portugal — more than a 100,000 values for the expected time and the expected frequency of interruption. The development of the methodology and its application was supported by projects from the main Portuguese utilities: EDP in the mainland, EDA and EEM in the autonomous regions.


INESC-ID has contributed to establish new distribution grid planning and operational principles for electric vehicle mass roll-out while enabling the integration of renewable distributed energy resources. Contributions included making recommendations and devising model solutions for a transparent planning and operation of the smart grid.

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