The 4th edition of the International Timetabling Competition took place during the last year and brought together researchers and enthusiasts from 57 countries to solve complex scheduling problems.

From all the participants, only 15 teams managed to solve the competition instances, among which is a team of Portuguese researchers from IST / INESC-ID. The team composed by the Ph.D. student Alexandre Lemos, and Professors Pedro Monteiro and Inês Lynce, managed to collect 79 points and reach a place on top 5.

The great challenge of this competition was to schedule the timetables of large universities with different characteristics and restrictions. The competition instances were obtained from 10 different universities from 9 different countries spread across 5 continents. The competition is now over, however, the work goes on and the results are continuously compared within the scientific community on the competition website.

The ITC 2019 ranking can be consult here.