TEDxIST, held every year at the Taguspark Campus, will be on March 3rd.

TEDxIST is an event independently organized by a group of students from Instituto Superior Técnico, with support from LAGE2, for the whole IST community.The goal of this event is to transmit the TED spirit to the university’s community and, at the same time, attract members from the outside that want to share their unique experience. TEDxIST is completely in sync with TED’s own mission, “sharing ideas worth spreading”.

Two  speakers from INESC-ID are confirmed, Ana Teresa Freitas and Ana Paiva will share with the audience their experiences and journeys, beside many speakers. Announced is  Teresa Barata, one of the first Health Coaches in Portugal, José Gonilha, Professor and winner of the Young Engineer Innovation Award in 2016 and Miguel Ricou psychologist, teacher and researcher. More names will be announced soon.

Due to TED’s rules, there is a limited audience so fill in this form as soon as you can: https://tinyurl.com/ycvnyyjx !