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Month: April 2018

INESC-ID Researchers wins “Best Paper Award”

The paper titled “Software-Defined Data Services: Interoperable and Network-Aware Big Data Executions”, received a Best Paper Award at IEEE SDS 2018 (International Conference on Software Defined Systems). Pradeeban Kathiravelu and  Luís Veiga, researchers at INESC-ID,  co-wrote the paper with Peter Van Roy (UCLouvain). In this…


The second edition of COGITO (www.cogito.pt/) took place April 21st at Núcleo Central Taguspark in Oeiras The event, structured around short lectures, on diversified topics delivered by inspiring speakers, among which Arlindo Oliveira, researcher at INESC-ID, with the lecture “Digital Minds – science fiction or…

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