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AI in Science: how can the European Commission promote a responsible uptake? Arlindo Oliveira participated as an expert in a report, via the Scientific Advice Mechanism

Published on April 15, the report “Successful and timely uptake of artificial intelligence in science in the EU” was produced by a group of renowned scientists, including INESC-ID researcher Arlindo Oliveira, from the SA-IDSS research area. The experts have been asked to provide recommendations via…

INESC ID Interview with Aleksandar Ilic and Ricardo Nobre from the HPCAS Research Group

The High-Performance Computing Architectures and Systems (HPCAS) Research Group at INESC-ID, works on state-of-the-art topics in High-Performance Computing (HPC), performance modeling, and bioinformatics. This includes epistasis detection which involves identifying combinations of specific gene mutations that may increase the likelihood of expressing a disease and…

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