Published on April 15, the report “Successful and timely uptake of artificial intelligence in science in the EU” was produced by a group of renowned scientists, including INESC-ID researcher Arlindo Oliveira, from the SA-IDSS research area. The experts have been asked to provide recommendations via the Scientific Advice Mechanism, concerning how the European Commission can accelerate a responsible uptake of AI in Science. Some take home messages are: The EU should prioritize AI-powered research, particularly in area where large amounts of data are available, but hard to interpret, such as personalized health, social cohesion, and the green and digital transitions; It is important to support new research into the greenest AI algorithms and infrastructure, to help manage the environmental impact of the technology; data should be high quality, responsibly collected and well curated, with fair access for European researchers and innovators.

While science may serve as basis for developing AI-based applications, science is also to be considered as a specific field in which AI can be applied: some of the most complex scientific problems can be tackled with AI technologies (including, but not limited to, data-intensive problems).

For a more detailed information in the scientific advice, you may check the complete report.