INESC-ID Researcher, Rodrigo Miragaia Rodrigues, received the Google Faculty Research Awards 2017, being the only Portuguese  contemplated within this prestigious list of winners 2017.  This award aims to recognize and support world-class, permanent faculty pursuing cutting-edge research in areas of mutual interest. The goal is to identify and strengthen long-term collaborative relationships with faculty working on problems that will impact how future generations use technology.

This edition received 1033 applications from 46 countries and more than 360 universities, a selection process that resulted in the listing of the 152  funded projects, most of them linked to the areas of machine learning, computer interaction, machine perception and Systems.

Rodrigo Miragaia Rodrigues research areas are distributed systems and cloud computing. His curriculum already includes several awards and distinctions, including the first “ERC Grant” in the field of information technology in Portugal, received in 2012.