A delegation of experts from the Macau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T) and Guangzhou Medical University (GMU) visited INESC-ID on May 17. The delegation was interested in learning about INESC-ID, as part of a collaboration between the three entities for the advancement of health monitoring.

INESC-ID welcomed the delegation in the morning, presenting both INESC and INESC-ID to the participants while also taking the opportunity to showcase ongoing projects within the scope. 

“The goal of this interaction is to develop and provide methods and algorithms that can be used for monitoring and predicting the evolution of pandemics, and other contagious diseases”, revealed Arlindo Oliveira, INESC President and INESC-ID researcher, who presented the INESC group. 

Inês Lynce, president of INESC-ID, who was also present, and gave an overview of the institution, referred to the  “cooperation, and data sharing amongst the institutes benefits all parties involved, representing a key element driving them towards achieving the common goal.”  

The effort in this area has been supported by the Foundation for Science and Technology and the Guangzhou National Laboratory and the project is led by professors Arlindo Oliveira, Ana Teresa Freitas and Hon Chi Tin.

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