People-Centered Design. Why it matters?

Distinguished Lecture | IST - Centro de Congressos | 14:30

Prof. Don Norman, University of California – Abstract: At the new Design Lab at UC San Diego, Design is a way of thinking, understanding people real, fundamental needs, and designing systems that fulfill those needs in an understandable, enjoyable manner. … Continued

Computational Sustainability: Computing for a Better World

Distinguished Lecture | Anfiteatro Abreu Faro, Instituto Superior Técnico | 14:00

Prof. Carla Gomes, Cornell University – Abstract: Computational sustainability is a new interdisciplinary research field with the overarching goal of developing computational models, methods, and tools to help manage the balance between environmental, economic, and societal needs for a sustainable … Continued

Evolving Critical Systems

Distinguished Lecture | IST Alameda, anfiteatro VA1 | 14:00

Prof. Mike Hinchey, Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre University of Limerick, Ireland – Abstract: Increasingly software can be considered to be critical, due to the business or other functionality which it supports. Upgrades or changes to such software … Continued

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