The annual ceremony of Técnico’s anniversary  will be held on May 23rd at IST Alameda and INESC-ID will also celebrate this day with total engagement, showcasing several demos of ongoing projects.


Here´s what to expect from INESC- ID Research groups:


  • Temperature control on a tower use solar energy – Simulation of the control temperature system of a solar thermal tower
  •  “Sueca” card game with EMYS Robot – Participant will be able to play a team card game called Sueca with a robot
  • Project RAGE – Interviewing a virtual suspect
  • Augmented Surgery and Immersive Endoscopy: Two Potential Healthcare Realities – Experience with Augmented reality (AR) and  virtual reality (VR) the technology and the potential areas of development of immersive diagnostic.
  • SafeCloud middleware: how to prepare for 0-day vulnerabilities in secure communication channels – This demonstration will show the integration of two SafeCloud communication technologies: vtTLS and sKnock
  • Side-Channel Analysis: unwanted back doors in most cryptographic systems
  • Video-games from the IST Game Lab Dark Things About; Mexican Standoff; VEngine; FAtiMA VR Demo.


Full program here