The EV4EU project (“Electric Vehicles Management for carbon neutrality in Europe”) — a 4-year venture funded by the European Union in 9 million euros through Horizon Europe and coordinated by INESC-ID — has a brand new website!

Detailing how EV4EU will implement user-centric Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) management strategies to create the conditions for the mass deployment of electric vehicles, the consortium’s new website contains a wealth of information and continuous updates on EV4EU’s progress.

Coordinated by Hugo Morais (senior researcher within the Sustainable Power Systems Research Area at INESC-ID and Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Instituto Superior Técnico), EV4EU has been keeping busy: from virtual R&D sessions to TECH@WEEK and outreach events such as “Electric You”. The latest EV4EU newsletter is available here (where you can access further details on these and other events).

You can also follow EV4EU through its social media channels: LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.