INESC-ID researcher Luísa Coheur* and professor at Técnico has recently been interviewed by national newspaper, Público, about artificial intelligence (AI) integration in classrooms and the challenges it presents to teachers.

Joined by several fellow educators, Luísa Coheur’s highlighted the rise in the use of AI by students and why it’s inevitable, providing advice to teachers and parents alike, on the advantages AI tools can provide, like assistance and increased classroom engagement, while not neglecting that they should not act as a replacement for skills acquired during the lessons.

Read the full article (in PT) here.

*Luísa Coheur is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at Instituto Superior Técnico and a Researcher at INESC-ID, in the “Human Language Technologies” group. Her preferred research topics focus on Dialogue Systems, Question/Answer, and Machine Translation (including for Portuguese Sign Language).