On International Women’s Day, Inês Lynce, President and researcher of INESC-ID, who also serves as a representative of the Gender Balance@Técnico group, participated in the “Alumni Talks – Women Edition 2024” at Instituto Superior Técnico. Joining her were five other outstanding women researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

This special edition aimed to highlight the inspiring and successful journeys of six alumnae from Técnico. During this informal event, held over brunch, former and current students shared their experiences, career paths, and insights on their professional backgrounds.

The distinguished guests, including Inês Lynce, were Sara Guerreiro de Sousa (Unbabel Labs & Center for Responsible AI), Mariana Marques (CAMO Engineer), Joana Pinto (Co-founder and CEO @ Clynx Health), Lara Próspero (Global Director – L&D Delivery Excellence at Microsoft), and Marta Sousa e Silva (Project Manager at Xylem, Inc.).

The Técnico’s “Alumni Talks – Women Edition” serves as a platform to foster mentorship, networking, and empowerment among women in technology and engineering.

(Photo credit: Communications Office DEI, Técnico)