Today, 28 April 2022, INESC-ID is celebrating the International Girls in ICT Day 2022 by engaging hundreds of students with fun activities on Artificial Intelligence.

Set at Pavilhão Casal Vistoso in Areeiro, Lisbon, 9th to 12h grade students from across the country were mobilized in engineering and technology lab sessions from numerous companies, as well as research institutes affiliated with Instituto Superior Técnico, amongst them INESC-ID. At the INESC-ID space, students were invited to play with Geometry Friends (a two player cooperative puzzle platformer computer game) and Treme-treme (a didactic videogame on seismic risk), activities that were facilitated by Inês Lobo and Inês Batina, students from the Artificial Intelligence for People and Society Research Area at INESC-ID.

The yearly International Girls in ICT Day draws attention to the critical need for more girls and women in Information and Communication Technologies, with initiatives bringing students and professionals together around the world.