The EurAAP (European Association on Antennas and Propagation) recognised Luis M. Correia with the 2021 EurAAP Propagation Award “for leadership in the field of propagation for wireless and mobile communications”

Luis M. Correia specific area of work involves the development of models for the propagation of signals so that one can properly estimate coverage and interference, and in addition to that, the researcher ended up leading the development of projects, conferences and other activities.  One of the key areas has been the leadership in a number of international projects and working groups that resulted in models and recommendations taken by international standardisation bodies and others.

Luis M. Correia mentioned  “It’s always a pleasure and an honour for anyone to receive a professional award, namely when it’s given by your peers, since it means recognition at the highest level.  I’ve been working in the area of mobile and wireless communications since I graduated with the Ph.D., being involved in many initiatives worldwide, namely at the European level, so receiving this international award is really a very rewarding achievement”.

“I’ve been involved in international activities for 30 years, taking the lead in a number of projects and other initiatives, so this award means that colleagues worldwide recognised my contributions and leadership in research and development in my area of work.  From my viewpoint, leadership is about planning work in advance, listening to your colleagues and collaborators, and then taking decisions based on sound and rational arguments that are explained to all of those that are involved, so I take it that this award means that I’ve the right perspective” the researcher said.

Luis M. Correia also emphasizes “Such an award is never a “one man show”, so I have to share it with the many colleagues, collaborators and students that have worked with me along all these years”.

About EurAAP

EurAAP is an international technical/scientific/educational association, with activities involving antennas and propagation applied to all areas of telecommunications.  It is one of the largest associations of its kind at the international level, having EuCAP (European Conference on Antennas and Propagation) as one of its key initiatives, with around 1 500 people attending the conference annually.  Its membership includes people from all communities working in the area, from academia to industry, encompassing students at all levels and many other engineers and technicians.

EurAAP, the European Association on Antennas and Propagation, was created in the frame of the European Network of Excellence “ACE – Antenna Centre of Excellence”, as the point of reference of the European Antenna and Propagation scientific community.