On the  fourth edition of the IST PhD Open Days initiative, that took place on March 21st and 22nd at Salão Nobre of IST, Phd Students Renata Castelo Branco and Filipa Correia got, respectively, first and  second place in the Pitch Competition.

Renata´s pitch, “Illustrated Algorithmic Design”,  is within the frame of the research she´s being carrying out in the research group led by INESC-ID Researcher António Leitão, in Programming for Architecture.

Filipa´s presented  “Collaboration in Social Robotics”, a research topic  she has been  exploring at GAIPS, group led by INESC-ID researcher, Ana Paiva.

The main  goal of this event is offering the opportunity to more than 1.000 PhD students of socializing and sharing their research, skills and expertize not only with the rest of the academic community, but also with the several representative of companies that will be attending this event.

The Goals of the competition were:

  • Stimulate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Emphasize the value of the Perfect Pitch speech
  • Stress importance of oral communication and public speaking
  • Stimulate good performance under pressure
  • Stimulate students to think about the bigger picture and application areas
  • Empower students to lead