On May 14, the law firm PLMJ and INESC-ID established a protocol to collaborate, each bringing their unique expertise, in developing and implementing specific programs to ensure that AI systems comply with the standards of the new European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Regulation, the world’s first comprehensive AI law.

This partnership aims to develop new methodologies combining law and technology to check AI systems at every stage, from design to deployment, to make sure they’re safe and fair. The two partners will also promote training and knowledge sharing to enhance understanding of AI’s technical and legal aspects.

Pedro Lomba, the coordinating partner of the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications sector at PLMJ, emphasised that “the compliance assessment with the AI Regulation—a pioneering law—will be unlike anything we have done so far in Technology Law”, and stressed the necessity for multidisciplinary knowledge about “a rapidly evolving family of technologies, some of which are new,” and the significance of partnering with “a robust technological partner like INESC-ID, which has performed unparalleled work in these areas.”

Inês Lynce, President of INESC-ID, highlighted the institute’s extensive AI research and its contribution to providing a balanced view on AI’s potential and risks, and pointed out the critical need for “strong collaboration between entities skilled in legal and technological domains, a collaboration made possible through this partnership.”

Read the full  PLMJ’s press release here.

(image source: Generative AI)