Today, 26 April 2022, a new Art&Technology exhibition is inaugurated. Consisting in a collection of digital paintings authored by Andreas Wichert, INESC-ID researcher within the Artificial Intelligence for People and Society Research Area and Professor Auxiliar at Instituto Superior Técnico, “Artes e Tecnologia” (“Arts and Technology”) is open at IST’s Civil Engineering building, in the Alameda campus, until 06 May 2022.

We asked Andreas what had motivated him to create this collection of digital paintings. “Before moving to Portugal I painted in oil, however due to restrictions I could not continue to do it,” Andreas commented. “With the arrival of iPad and Apple Pencil and the corresponding software Procreate I could continue to paint,” adding that “Technology allows you to create art that without it it was not possible.” More of Andreas’ artwork can be viewed online and found on Instagram @andrzejwichert.

This exhibition will also stage a dynamic experiment in which visitors will have the chance to interact with Vizzy, a social robot, so as to improve Vizzy’s skills (work carried out by João Avelino, researcher at the Institute for Systems and Robotics, ISR).

Andreas Wichert is also the author of three books on machine learning and artificial intelligence: Machine Learning — A Journey to Deep Learning (2021), Principles of Quantum Artificial Intelligence (2020) and Intelligent Big Multimedia Databases (2015).