Filipa Correia has been awarded the best national PhD thesis prize by the Portuguese Society for Robotics (Sociedade Portuguesa de Robótica) for her work “Group Intelligence in Social Robots”, supervised by Professor Ana Paiva and Professor Francisco Melo (INESC-ID researchers and professors at Instituto Superior Técnico, IST). (Pedro Vicente, from the Institute for Systems and Robotics, ISR, was equally awarded a PhD thesis prize)

Filipa Correia is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Artificial Intelligence for People and Society (AIPS) Research Area at INESC-ID and at the ITI). Her prize-winning doctoral research work was developed at AIPS and explored the challenges of creating social robots that sustain cohesive alliances with humans in multi-party team settings, including the creation of autonomous robotic characters.

Filipa Correia’s thesis is available in the IST online repository here.

Investigating AI systems (agents, robots, etc.) that are social and pro-social — with research work that spans many different topics in affective computing, planning, games & interactive storytelling, robotics, evolutionary game theory and machine learning — AIPS is one of the eleven Research Areas that make up the research tissue of INESC-ID, covering a wide range of topics in computer science and engineering and electrical and computer engineering. You can learn more about the INESC-ID Research Areas here.