Luís M. Correia, INESC-ID Researcher since 2016 under the Intelligent Networks and Communication Systems (INCS) Scientific Area, and Full Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, authored an opinion article published in the newspaper “Expresso” titled “Security of 5G networks: secure what?” (Segurança das redes de 5G: segurar o quê?).

The article discusses the security concerns related to 5G networks, in particular the possibility of individuals from outside organizations gaining access to or modifying information within the network. The author emphasizes the importance of considering the technical aspects of technology-related matters in the decision-making process, and highlights the potential consequences of neglecting it.

“The concern about the cybersecurity of 5G networks is legitimate, but it should be focused on the network’s core equipment and have a broader view”, defends Luís M. Correia.

The focus on 5G network security or “cybersecurity,” involves two dimensions: the information that is transported within the networks and the access to/management of networks.

Regarding security issues related to user information, the researcher refers to two: unauthorized access and data modification. The article distinguishes between problems that may arise from external interference and those related to the internal management of the network.

According to Luís M. Correia, the concerns about security should focus on the core network, referring to the recent incident that involved a main telecommunications operator in Portugal, where external individuals were able to access and modify network management information. The complexity of the programs running on these computers and their constant updates, present real challenges in monitoring and control.

While acknowledging the legitimacy of security concerns for 5G networks, the author suggests that the focus should be on the core network equipment and offers a broader perspective on cybersecurity focused on the potential applications and implications of 5G technology.

Full article (in PT) here.