Rui Castro, an INESC-ID researcher under the Sustainable Power Systems Scientific Area and a Full Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, has recently published a new book entitled “Engineering of Power Systems Economics” (Springer 2024). The book tackles engineering topics in power systems, and explains economic theory from an introductory level before applying it to systems.

The volume, which includes worked examples and problems, is divided into two parts; one focused on classic economic theory, and other on applying the theory to specific real world situations. Through this practical approach, the author intends to further highlight the connection between economics and engineering, within the power system context, easing the application of the knowledge acquired into the reader’s everyday work.

Covering all the fundamental principles of power systems economics, from an engineering point of view, the book is targeted at university master’s students. Nonetheless, it also represents a useful tool for PhD students and practicing engineers who seek to enhance their understanding of the matter.

Learn more about the book here