The Stanford University recently released an update of the World’s Top 2% Scientists list, which includes more than 100,000 researchers. 124 Técnico researchers were included in the ranking of the world most influential researchers in their fields, which represents a substantial increase compared to 2020.

The ranking covers 22 major fields and 176 subfields. The updated list published on 19th October used Scopus database until August 2021.

Gil Marques, Arlindo Oliveira, Leonel Sousa, José Fernando Silva, Francisco C. Santos, Ana Paiva, Joaquim Jorge,  João Paulo Carvalho, Luís M. Correia are some of INESC-ID researchers in this world’s top 2% scientists list. The presence of INESC-ID researchers in the list of the most influential researchers in the world reflects the high quality of scientific production and the excellence of our researchers in multiple areas.

Among INESC-ID researchers, an extense list of Técnico researchers can be seen here:

Source: Técnico