On May 18th the DECivil Museum will host “Técnico Museums: 1st Meeting” where museum professionals, researchers, as well as students and professors will share their projects around the numerous collections gathered over the years that represent the history, identity and culture of engineering in Portugal.

Several INESC-ID Researchers will participate in this event, for instance, at the Faraday Museum,  you will travel through two centuries of innovation in electrotechnology guided by Moisés Piedade from Embedded Electronic Systems research line.

Also, Teresa Vazão, Computing Systems and Communication Networks research line, will showcase a collection of computer equipment collected over the past two decades at Campus Taguspark.

From Interactive Intelligent Systems action line,  David de Matos will talk about the evolution of computer engineering at IST in the last 20 years and Rui Prada will tell you everything about the futuristic augmented reality game at the historical Faraday Museum.

The event begins at 10.00 a.m with the opening session conducted by José Pinto Paixão (Vice-rector of ULisboa) and Arlindo Oliveira (President of IST).

The event is free

Full program here: