Leonel Sousa, researcher at INESC-ID and professor at the Instituto Superior Técnico, was appointed to the ACM Distinguished Speakers Program Committee, and  is among the 8 nominees who will be part of the committee responsible for the oversight of the program.

“After an excellent experience, for three years, as ‘Distinguished Speaker’ at ACM, I was surprised to be invited to join the ACM Distinguished Speaker Program Committee”, says the INESC-ID researcher and Técnico professor, who also explains “this program is responsible for selecting ‘Distinguished Speakers’, distinguished colleagues from academia and companies in the area of computer systems.”

The ACM speakers represent a wide range of businesses, colleges and universities, including: IBM, Microsoft, BBN Technologies, Raytheon, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Siemens Information Systems, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon, University of British Columbia, Georgia Tech, UCLA, McGill University, Tsinghua University and many others.

Founded in 1947, ACM is an important and prestigious organisation that brings together computing educators, researchers, and professionals, and promotes computer research and innovation through its journals, magazines, high quality scientific events and conferences.

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