Short Personal Interview


Luis Miguel Silveira was born in 1963, in Lisbon. He is an INESC-ID Researcher since its inception, currently integrating the Scientic Area High-Performance Computing Architectures and Systems (HPCAS).



How long have you been part of the INESC-ID Team?

1999, when it started, I was previously a researcher at INESC since my student days.


How did you get to INESC-ID?

I was a young researcher at INESC before starting my PhD program and kept my association with the institute ever since. Later became an IST professor and have been a researcher at INESC-ID since the institution was started. I have also had the privilege of serving as President of the Scientific Council of the institute.



An environment of excellence for conducting dynamic, challenging and multidisciplinary R&D&I


Research project(s) under development



How would you explain in the most accessible and least technical language possible, what is the application / expected results of this (these) project (s)?

Develop algorithms to build efficient simulation models of biological neuronal networks


Tell us about your favorite project so far (or one of them)?

HiFi-MRI, an international collaboration project for mapping and analyzing whole-brain activity using ultra-high field MRI data


What are the biggest challenges of working in research in this area?

Understanding the biological context and learning the associated “language”


What book are you currently reading?

Dilbert Turns 30


How would you explain to your child (or your parents or grandparents) what your job is? How do you explain what means to be a researcher in this area?

Find ways to describe complex behavior in a simple manner by concentrating on essential aspects


How do you see the mission of INESC-ID “ to produce added value to people and society, supporting the response of public policies to scientific, health, environmental, cultural, social, economic and political challenges, in the fields of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering”?

I see enormous potential in all those fields in making technology more widely available, more friendly, more efficient and increasingly devoted to improving our daily lives. And I see INESC-ID having a pivotal role in that transformation




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Academic Degree *

Licenciatura, MSc, ECE IST Tecnico, MSc, EE, PhD MIT


Training / Research Area(s) *

Design Automation


INESC-ID Scientific Area *

High-Performance Computing Architectures and Systems (HPCAS)