Automatic generation of humor for social robots (AGENTS) — an FCT- and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Portugal-funded project — has been featured in the Portuguese newspaper Público.

Based at INESC-ID and ISCTE and coordinated by Ana Paiva, researcher within the INESC-ID Artificial Intelligence for People and Society Research Area and Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, AGENTS explores how humour can be used to create more naturalistic and lifelike interactions between robots and other agents. In this piece, Raquel Oliveira and Inês Batina (both early career researchers at INESC-ID), as well as Patrícia Arriaga (researcher at ISCTE) and Ana Paiva, provide a glimpse at the recent set of human-robot interaction experiments that were conducted at ISCTE with close to 60 subjects.

The full piece can be accessed here and more details on the project can be viewed here.