AI Rankingsa metric-based ranking that provides insights into Artificial Intelligence (AI) research worldwide — has ranked the University of Lisbon as 22nd in Europe and 125th worldwide. This placement includes six researchers from the Artificial Intelligence for People and Society (AIPS) Research Area at INESC-ID: Ana Paiva, Francisco S. Melo, Manuel Lopes, Francisco C. Santos, Rui Prada and Andreas Wichert.

Recognizing that the explosion of AI raises valid concerns regarding its transformational power in our current society, AIPS investigates AI systems (agents, robots, etc.) that are social and pro-social, with research work that spans many different topics in affective computing, planning, games & interactive storytelling, robotics, evolutionary game theory and machine learning.

AIPS is one of the eleven Research Areas that make up the research tissue of INESC-ID, covering a wide range of topics in computer science and engineering and electrical and computer engineering. You can learn more about the INESC-ID Research Areas here.