Speech Processing and Machine Learning Workshop

The second training event of the TAPAS Consortium will take place in Lisbon from 11-14 February. This training event will cover four topics related to speech processing and machine learning. Each day will have a morning session with relevant lectures … Continued

Best Paper Award at ICGI 2018

André Silvestre won the Best Paper Award for a Young Researcher at the ICGI 2018 conference, with the paper “A Real-Time Terrain Ray-Tracing Engine”, with co-authors João Pereira and Vasco Costa.

New Essay on Artificial Intelligence

This new essay by Arlindo Oliveira describes, in an approachable way, what artificial intelligence is and how it relates to human intelligence, as well as possible societal and economic applications and implications. It includes a historical perspective and an analysis … Continued


What science is done in Portugal? Who are our scientists? How do they work? What do they research? What results do they get? In the scope of the SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY WEEK, INESC-ID ALAMEDA opened its doors on November 23rd … Continued

Encarnação Award

During the ICGI’2018 Conference, that took place between 15 and 16 November 2018 at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, in Portugal, INESC – ID Researcher Daniel Mendes was awarded the 2018 edition of the annual “Professor José … Continued

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